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What is called the color printing in the printing?

The color printing refers to using yellow, magenta, blue and black ink color other than the four color printing ink to copy the original color printing process.Often used in packaging and printing color printing color printing area.

For dark color piece large area, a four-color printing process, may need to be by the high salty superposition of several branches of a few kinds of color, ink layer too thick easy to appear on the back of the smearing;And use the color printing process, need to print a color, not easy to appear on the back of the ceng dirty.A four-color printing process, some parts of the graphic may consist of a few color synthesis;And use the color printing process, the corresponding part of the print only one color, the possibility of avoiding the overprint error.

If some product images of both the picture color levels, and has a large area of color, the color level image part can use four color printing, color and large area can use the color printing.The advantage is: four-color printing part by controlling the field density can make the picture properly restored, the base part through proper increase of ink ink uniform thick visual effect can be obtained.This method in the high-end packaging products and stamp printing production often used, but because of chromatic number increase, also makes the printing plate cost.

Modulate the ink color printing office is according to get color pigment the subtractive mixing principle, the color with low lightness, high saturation, field printing ink uniform designed color piece usually adopt, and appropriately increase the amount of ink, ink layer thickness is larger when the layout, the ink layer thickness change will be less sensitive to the color changes, so it is easier to get uniform ink, thick printing effect.

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