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The water and the glass

One day, the cup to his master said: "I'm lonely, I need water, give me some water."

Master said: "well, have to water, you will not be lonely?"

Cup, said: "should be."So, the host pour boiling water into the cup.Water is very hot, the cup felt himself almost melted, he thought, this is the power of love.

Then, the water became warm, the cup felt very comfortable, he thought, this is the feeling of life.

Later, the water became cool, the cup felt afraid, afraid of what he doesn't know, he thought, this is the taste of lost.Slowly, the water is cool, the cup of despair, he thought, this is the fate of "masterpiece".

Cup, said: "master, pour the water out quickly, I don't need."But, not master.Glass feel fast suppress dead, damn water, cool, in my heart, feel so sad.

Cup to flash, water finally went out of the heart of the cup, the cup very happy, suddenly, the cup fell to the ground.The glass broken, before dying, saw this, it is in the mind of every place have traces of water, it just know, it's love of water, it is so in love with water, however, it can no longer put water full in the heart.

The cup cried, it tears and dissolved in water, it can expect the final power to love the water again.

The story finished, very acid, right?Yet, this story tells us a simple truth, love, is often experienced pain just know to cherish, always feel regret until cannot be redeemed.Love is such, as do many other things in life, always lost just feel valuable.

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