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Advertising Balloons

Printed on the surface of the balloon business, business logo design, promotional language, celebrate and text advertising, to expand the visibility and product sales. In the United States and Western countries prevailed so far, it has become an important advertising vehicle major companies. With China's economic opening and development in recent years, Chinese enterprises, more and more businesses use advertising balloons to promote their own brands. Advertising balloons become Chinese enterprises to enter the market a new type of advertising media, both economic and affordable. In the anniversary, Zhou Qing, new product promotion, product promotion and other activities in the gift, distribution of advertising balloons, advertising balloons allow people to hand dedicated to every family, to achieve the widely advertised brand enjoys popular support.
Long Printing Group advertising balloon factory with advanced printing equipment, imports of advanced screen printing ink, monochrome and color printing options. Joint ventures and Korean senior latex balloons, bright, rich colors, feel good is not easy punctured, quality assurance. Well received by customers at home.

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