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Production process of page calendar

1, page calendar is relative to the general content of the calendar, according to your request for a separate design, production, printing.Content, design style and so on are focused.The whole process is specifically around your needs and conducted, processes are: design - design prints - the small sample films and printing, plate making, printing, cutting, mounting plate, paging, trimming, punching, pressure ring wear ring, quality inspection, packing, delivery.In addition: membrane - silver gilding - the drum - oil - die cutting according to the requirement of the products such as printing process as required to join.
2, the design of the page, you can according to your requirements to design or entrust professional graphic design company design.According to different design complexity, the cost of design will also be different.
3, to prepare lung group calendar design before printing: A, sure you want to design style and goals;B, each page of the text;C, each page of the pictures (resolution is greater than or equal to 300 pixels per inch, the similar size and production of desk calendar size)
4, design printing draft request: A, text to turn curve;B, best is a PDF file format, can also be a CDR format or AI, EPS vector format;C, cutting edge file should have 3 mm bleeding.

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