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What's the difference between advertising gifts and other ads

What's the difference between advertising gifts and other ads?Big to the listed companies, small to the booth as long as it is a business need to advertising, advertising. Even the flow XiaoTanDian Shouting several voice. This helps to explain the importance of advertising. So what's the difference between advertising gifts and other ads?What kind of advertising methods effect better?

First of all, you have to know what is the advertising gifts.

Advertising gift is enterprise or business the unit in operation or business activities in order to improve or expand awareness, improve the product's market share and obtain higher sales and profits and special procurement.As a gift product, usually with brand logo or business logo, has some special meaning of products.It sets the novelty, eccentricity, manufacturability and practical at an organic whole, pertinence, target consumers fondle admiringly.And gifts is the emotional investment, can shorten the feelings of the distance between people, facilitate people's communication, communication, consensus and create a good business opportunities.Advertising gift concept is a hotspot of attention by people in recent years, her background is mainly when the price has already become a habit, merchants out to look for ways to win the market other than the "price war", use a few "atypical" promotion, but also won the attention of the media and consumer's eyes.

Advertising gift why is popular with the general merchants?

First of all, the production of low cost completely accords with the psychology of the merchants, low cost compared with outdoor or print advertisements for at least half.Secondly, rather than blindly on the outdoor advertising hitting a key, and products and advertising gifts can more directly in contact with the demand of customer, got more rare than the gold of targeted advertising.Again, when merchants in the production of advertising gifts, can in marked the location of the printed company LOGO, greatly improving the image of merchants and popularity and also increases the probability of customers turn to introduce, word of mouth, for the company to establish a better reputation.

Compared to sum up, outdoor and print advertising, advertising promotional gifts is being more and more businesses, but the difference is the outdoor advertising is looking for potential customers, and advertising gift you need to find customers first have targeted production of gifts, in the case of a combination of both to achieve better advertisement effect, the important role of advertising promotional gifts are slowly being merchants and customers.

Now you know what's the difference between advertising gifts and other ads?Overall, outdoor advertising, advertising promotional gifts than the actual cost of the network advertisement are much lower. The propaganda effect is more direct, faster speed. But the scope of propaganda, and much less advertising efforts in subsequent outdoor advertising, etc.

How to customize promotional gifts?Each to a holiday, or meet celebrate the mall will be for sales promotion. There are promotional activities will have all kinds of promotion methods. The most common is the promotional gifts. So, how do custom promotional gifts you know?Today we long printing group is to talk about how custom promotional gifts.

How to customize promotional gifts:

1, the sales promotion activity must have a purpose, such ability make practitioners can be pulled in the direction of the core, many dealers will follow suit to do activities with other people, the activity finished and I don't know why I have to do this activity, so the effect is not good to go.

2, make promotion plan must have a topic, also is to have a stunt, can't blind to make a special offer, started activities have a to buy a gift, if there is no gimmick consumers or trust the truthfulness of activities will be discounted, activity is not the theme of the novel, often cannot stimulate consumers to buy, special events under the background of increasing, the consumer is rational.

3, promotional activities must have a window.A lot of manufacturer or distributor, have to go to is cheap, buy a gift, this next time with this style, change the style, or the same routines play, such promotion effect is not good.Now promotions must be between the third party to do the above promotional effect will be better.Such as: free experience, satisfaction and payment, looking for beautiful cabinets, wardrobe, such as stunt, let consumer involved, feel the fun, the promotion effect will be better.

4, promotion content must be formulated in compliance with participatory and operability.Is promotion content to let the consumer and the seller can participate, consumers can enjoy the discount activity, the salesman to perform this scheme can get corresponding remuneration.Operability refers to must be to the actual situation of the target customer base, (such as awareness of the consumer kitchen standard length is 3.5 meters, the scheme can only do 3 meters, beyond linear meter let consumers purchase at full price, a calculate found he made a lot of consumers, not only willing to exceed the number of meters of money, but also with gratitude mentality, effect of word of mouth is produced.

Now you know how to custom promotional gifts, promotional gifts custom, and the activities of the promotion gifts, and promotional activities and the company's purpose, all three are closely linked.In short promotional gifts must have in order to achieve the company's promotional purpose and custom and should take certain advertising effect.

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