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How to choose a good paper towels

Tissue paper is made from plant fiber as raw material after the base paper, the cutting, folding and other processed into disposable sanitary paper, is essential to People's Daily life and a health cleaning supplies, it with good water imbibition, soft, clean, easy to use and other characteristics are popular with consumers.Forms of tissue paper products: paper handkerchiefs, box of towel paper, paper napkin and other varieties, is widely used in all sorts of places such as hotels, dining tables, family and personal with you.

Good tissue paper should be dropping, off powder, rub off, has the certain strength, under the influence of water surface should be clean, wrinkles should be uniform fine and soft.The removable box of towel should be pulled out after a out of the next;Small packing handkerchief paper should be neat, sealing can be open, sealing for many times, make again after each extraction a seal, to maintain its clean and not polluted.

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