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Promotional advertising gift mouse pad customization

Longyin advertising gifts network that mouse mat is very good promotion gift choice.

First of all, advertising area is wide enough, show the area wide.Second, practical strong, as long as people with computers.Third, have a variety to choose from.

Some basic specifications and materials about the mouse pad, gift company in shenzhen can outline a few here:

Tell from the thickness, the specifications of the mouse pad from thin to thick as follows: 0.5 MM, 1 MM, 2 MM, 3 MM, 4 MM, 5 MM.Usually do most of the advertising mouse pad is 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.4 mm and 5 mm are usually used as gaming mouse pad.

Tell from the size, mouse pads have long 200 mm wide, 180 mm, 260 mm wide and 210 mm long, 250 mm wide and 200 mm long, 300 mm to 250 mm wide and long and other specifications.Usually can be customized according to customer's requirements.Also have not specifications of the administrative, specific can consult lung print advertising gift net, free call 4008003183.

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