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How to make advertising promotional gifts to publicity

Advertising as the most popular is also one of the most common method of advertising, the first factor is should seize consumers psychological needs.Companies sell their products, there are many kinds of way can choose, advertising gift want to open a consumer market, must be able to can impress consumers, that is to say, advertising gift must follow the consumer psychology. 


Whether advertising gift succeeded follow consumer psychology is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Consumers perception refers to the perceptual knowledge the early stages of a product, it usually includes two processes, the first feeling of product process, this process is caused by the product direct effects on consumer senses and reaction process, and the process is the most simple psychological process of consumer contact with the product.When the feeling after the process, the consumer will integrate the felt material and the process is the consumer perception of product process.In the design of advertising gifts, reasonable use consumer perception regularity is very important, it can make advertising gift in a short period of time to cause the consumer's perception, which can be further "communication" with consumers.

When advertising gift in a short period of time after the consumer's perception, it follows that it must be able to attract the attention of consumers, and then you can play its role.Advertising gift if you can't consumer attention, then its other function will not be able to continue.Therefore, when designing advertising gift, you must consider the attention of the consumer.

For advertising gift, causes the attention of consumers has two kinds, one is the characteristics of advertising gifts.Advertising gifts novelty degree, contrast, advertising gift the location characteristics will affect the consumption of attention;The second category is the subjective status of consumers, such as the need for advertising gift, the time of the mood, and so on.Is the ultimate goal of advertising gifts design prompt consumers to form the purchase behavior, and consumer buying behavior and is closely related to its emotional activities, consumer's emotion can be as the words of the advertising and the subtle change of performance.

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