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Advertising poker, is a media  in the form of pictures and text to show Corporate Image or products. Consumers get it as a gift. People can see your company or products when they're playing. Thereby enhancing the company's visibility and have more sales. Or use to promoted the tourist attractions. And some other PSAs poker. Such as traffic laws, civic morality etc. 

Normally use good paper for the advertising poker. Mostly more than 250gsm paper. Such as 260gsm, 270gsm, 280gsm, 290gsm, 300gsm, 310gsm, 320gsm, 330gsm etc. Paper is cardboard, art paper card, black core paper, blue core paper etc. The most common sizes are 57mm x 87mm and 62mm x 87mm. While the standard sizes should be 56.5mm x 86.5mm and 61.5mm x 86.5mm. The back side of the poker printed single color, dual color, 3 color or CMYK. It will cost more when print 3 color or CMYK. There're different packing ways: 1set per pack, 2sets per pack, and the drawer pack etc.

The reason why the cost for adversiting poker is higer:

1) Interrupted production process, production capacity decline, increase the cost.

2) More cost on paper. General poker use 240gsm ~250gsm cardboard. But advertising poker use 360gsm, 270gsm Art grey core paper. Even 300gsm, 330gsm imported high end black core paper (Paper used for casinos in Las Vegas). For example, the price for  1pc 300gsm imported high end black core paper is US$1.30~US$1.50. Which could only make 2sets poker. Thus the price will be much higher. 

3) Tax. The reality is, in China, the distrubite process for general poker only for cash. But advertising poker requires the formal Invoice. Tax rate is around 6.5% ~7%.

4) Plate-making cost. Plate-making cost could be ignored for general poker. But for advertising poker, it's about 3.3%(for 50,000sets poker) ~16%(10,000sets poker). 

5) Increasing of company management costs & losses in products etc.